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Cobra Armlet and Bangle

Slave Bracelet with Dichroite495 Shivalite and Sponge Coral Trio429 Dragon Bracelet427
Fossil Delights359 Mother of Pearl358 Bangles in Silver and Acquamarine118
Lapis and Citrine in Silver78 Topaz35 Pearl Burst30
Dual Delight-Druzzy and Pearls23 Desert Wear in Silver14 Mother of Pearl and Turquoise in braided silver267
Dragons in Unison268 Cobra Amulet269 Snake Amulet270
More Silver ropes271 Rope bracelets in Silver290 Cuffs from Tibet326
Elephant in pure silver327 A Mogul art in silver328 Tribal Daggers and Urns329
Elephant Cuff in Silver330 Camel Caravan in Silver331 Silver Enamel from Thailand337
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